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List Of KMU Students For KPK Laptop Scheme Naway Sahar

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This is the list of selected students for Naway Sahar laptop scheme of Khyber Medical University (KMU) including all its government institutes like KMC, KGMC, KCD, KIMS, AMC, Gomal Medical College and the rest. Links for each institute of Khyber Medical University are listed below.

For list of students for rest of the universities, please open this link. For details regarding specs of laptop and distribution dates, scroll below.

You will also have to fill and submit an undertaking available here. According to this, you cannot sell your laptop received under this laptop scheme.


The lists are final and the exact date of distribution can not be specified yet, as it will vary by each institute. The process of distribution of laptops to the administration has started already and they will be given to the students most probably in the first quarter of March.

UET Peshawar will receive the laptops before 28th Feb, 2013 and they’ll be distributed after each laptop has been checked as per specs.

The laptops are rumored to be Dell 3420, powered with an Intel Core i3 CPU, 500GB HDD, 2GB RAM. And yes, they’ll also feature a sticker of “naway sahar” scheme on its lid ! :P

KPK Laptop Scheme – List Of Students (All Universities)

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List of selected students of all universities has been uploaded and can be accessed via the links mentioned below in the post. Under this laptop scheme, termed as “Naway Sahar” by the KPK government, a total of approximately 23,000 to 24,000 laptops will be distributed among the students who were short-listed on the basis of their GPAs.

The laptops are rumored to be Dell Inspiron 14 3420, equipped with Intel Core i3 CPU, 500GB HDD and 2GB RAM.

Students List For Laptop Scheme (University Wise):

If anyone has received it already, please confirm the above mentioned specs.


According to a comment posted by Shahrukh in the comments section below, University of Peshawar (UoP) will start distribution in the first week of March.

UET Peshawar will receive the laptops before 28th February and they will be distributed AFTER each and every laptop is tested to be functioning as per specs. That means distribution most likely in March.

This also indicates other universities will most likely distribute them in early March, but there is no single confirmed date for any university.

For students of KMU, KUST and rest of the universities’ which don’t have a list yet: It is not given by the government and will be added to this post as soon as it’s made available!

YouTube Unblocked In Pakistan

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*EDIT*: This news is NO LONGER VALID. It was blocked again after a few hours on the orders of PM. Such a shame! The site MIGHT open at times but videos won’t load, the servers hosting videos are blocked at PiE (Pakistan Internet Exchange).

So finally after a wait of well over 3 months, access to YouTube.com has been restored in Pakistan. Last night, interior minister Rehman Malik tweeted that YouTube will get unblocked within 24 hours after chairing a high level meeting. The promise is fulfilled. YouTube is unblocked and fully accessible. Videos are loading perfectly fine — Last checked on PTCL DSL.

Previously, the site used to load at times but videos wouldn’t play. This is not the case anymore.

Following the anti-Islamic video “Innocence of Muslims” which was uploaded on YouTube, on 17th Sept., 2012.,YouTube was blocked in Pakistan on the orders of Prime Minister. The reason given was to protest against YouTube for not removing the said video, which YouTube declined to remove as according to them, it did not violate YouTube’s community guidelines.

My stance is still the same, PTA should have blocked access to only that particular video if it wanted. Restricting access to entire YouTube was like blocking access to a large treasure of educational, scientific and religious knowledge too.

Specially for university students, YouTube can be a life saver as there are many educational channels from universities like Stanford and MIT where course lectures are uploaded. And who doesn’t know about KhanAcademy, which has video lectures on many different courses and subjects from elementary school to university level.

At last, this move is positive. Darkness of 3 months, now finally over! :)



QMobile Noir A10: Review & Specs

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So guys the wait is finally over. QMobile has officially launched this phone. It also has 3G technology which Noir A8 lacked. So, can this phone outperform Noir A8? Read below.

Some of the features are:

1GHz dual-core CPU

Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich


4GB ROM (2GB usable)

5 inch IPS screen

MTK6577 chipset

8MP back camera and 1.3MP front camera

And rest of the perks that come with usual Androids including GPS.

To read more, click here (Lab Android). Detailed review & comparison with Noir A8, Sony Xperia is done there.

Launch Of LabAndroid.com

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I was feeling the need for a dedicated platform where Pakistani coders and enthusiasts can unite and provide development / modding support for Android phones not usually supported at international platforms like xda-developers.
The response I received after the rooting and CWM posts of Noir A8 was very positive. These platforms have made it easy for youth to get a taste of decent smartphones at a relatively cheaper price than big brands. They’re in no way inferior. What they lack is development support.

So in hopes of building a development and modding community which can contribute things like custom ROMs, kernels, mods, performance improvements etc., I have launched Lab Android.

From now on, all posts related to Android, QMobile Noir A8, Noir A6, Noir A10 and rest of the MediaTek based phones will come live on http://www.labandroid.com
I’ve posted the procedure to backup stock ROM of Noir A8 and stock recovery there. Check it out and contribute if you can :)

If you can code, develop, write, and want to volunteer, you can join the team :)

Google.com.pk Hacked — Technical Details

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Google.com.pk (Google Pakistan) website was hacked on the early morning of 24th November and from the last several hours is still inaccessible. It gets all the traffic from Pakistan if someone from a Pakistani IP opens Google.com.

Not only Google, other big names like Yahoo Pakistan, Microsoft Pakistan, Apple Pakistan, Sony Pakistan, Ebay.pk and Paypal.pk are also “hacked”. Microsoft.pk , Yahoo.pk , Apple.pk are also inaccessible.

Turkish hacking group/individual “Eboz” has claimed the responsibility by uploading a defaced page. So how was this really” hacked”? Let’s analyze a few things.

Performing a simple whois lookup on Google.com.pk reveals these DNS records, performed via centralops at 9PM PST:

DNS records

name class type data time to live
google.com.pk IN A 3600s (01:00:00)
google.com.pk IN NS dns2.freehostia.com 3600s (01:00:00)
google.com.pk IN SOA
server: dns1.freehostia.com
email: support@freehostia.com
serial: 1353750918
refresh: 28800
retry: 7200
expire: 604800
minimum ttl: 86400
3600s (01:00:00)
google.com.pk IN NS dns1.freehostia.com 3600s (01:00:00)
google.com.pk IN MX
preference: 10
exchange: mbox.freehostia.com
3600s (01:00:00)


As you can see, the NS records, responsible for resolving the domain name to ip address has been changed freehostia.com’s nameservers. It’s a free webhosting provider, and Google, Microsoft, Apple or other affected big brands surely won’t be using free hosting!


What this reveals is that the hackers managed to take control of the domain registrar/registry and changed the DNS records. In this case, .pk domain names are handled by PKNIC.

It’s important to note that this does not mean those hackers actually gained access to the servers of Google Pakistan/Microsoft Pakistan/Apple Pakistan. It’s HIGHLY unlikely! Rather, they just pointed the domain names to their own DNS records and people accessing these websites were redirected to the pages setup by hackers.

Google.com.pk is not opening because the IP address to which it points has been changed to That’s a local loop IP address and if you try to open it, you just access your own computer’s port 80.

MNP (Mobile Number Portability) Banned In Pakistan

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Were you sick and tired of your current cellular services provider? Were planning to switch over to another mobile network? This news is going to be hard for you to absorb. Abandon your plans now because mobile number portability is now banned in Pakistan! You can no longer port to another network while retaining the previous number.

In a rather shocking decision by Interior Ministry (Rehman Malik) today, mobile number portability (MNP) is now banned in Pakistan. What this means is until the ban is lifted, you cannot switch to another mobile network.

Now there’s absolutely no word on when the ban on MNP will be lifted. Neither the interior ministry said anything nor I could find any credible info on news sites. This is going to be bad, really bad for an end-user.

The reason they said is: “it’s becoming hard to track down criminals”. I wonder how MNP can affect tracking down criminals once they know which network the number is using? Or do they actually rely on the operator code (e.g 0321 or 0333) for finding out what network the number is on? Really shocked if the the case is latter.

Mobile Number Portability offered a sort of peace of mind to an average user who was at the mercy of current provider. Many I see are turned off by the amount of messages their provider spam them with. Others had connectivity problems, some wanted cheaper packages. Of course a single provider does not offer all types of packages according to the demands of each and every user. Connectivity and coverage issues can arise if you move to another location and there are just many cases in which one might want to switch to another network without changing their number. Sadly, it’s no more possible for now.

Are you affected by this ban? Why were you looking to port to another network? Write down below.